Facilities & Services

Kalyani Forge Ltd. is a leader in manufacturing close-tolerance, precision forging since its inception in 1979. Fuelled by burning ambition and driven by its core values, we specialise in niche precision forgings, fully-machined and sub-assembled products for global customers. We have hot, warm and cold forging facilities, heat treatment equipped with oil, polymer, water quenching facilities and precision machining, to achieve required tolerances as per customer specifications.

Over the last three decades the organisation has developed into an innovative, customer oriented and robust organisation, known for high quality carbon and alloy steel forged and machined components. We provide engineering, design, development and validation support, in close collaboration with our customers.

Kalyani Forge provides “first-time-right” products with our Near Net Shape technology, Lean Product Development approach, progressive and innovative engineering team, which is ready for challenges in new product development, aiming at highest quality, lowest cost and shortest development lead-time.

We can produce complex, critical profile forgings of high accuracy due to greater quality control in our in-house die designing processes. This enables us to manufacture dyes and toolings to high levels of accuracy.

The thermal refining of our products is achieved by employing the Continuous Heat Treatment lines, equipped with facilities for oil/polymer/water quenching and tempering. For thermal treatment of ‘Near Net Shape’ products, we employ controlled atmosphere furnaces.A state of the art phosphating and bonderisingfacility, takes care of special processes that need to be executed before cold forging operations.

In-house machining facility equipped with high end CNCs, VMCs and SPMs enables us to  dedicated Machining Lines, consisting of VMCs, CNCs & SPMs for some Industry leaders in different segments.