Engineering is the heart of our organization. The combination of our engineering brilliance, innovative ideas and creative team builds a company that is not only dynamic but also customer focussed. At Kalyani we strive hard to tailor the needs of each of our customer and bring their concepts to reality.

By analysing metal flow processes and the profile at this initial stage, our designers ensure that improved cost, quality and material utilisation are a part of our everyday customer commitment. Our engineers examine ways to reduce manufacturing lead time, de-bottleneck process and on-time-delivery so that we achieve short products launch process.

We have over 30 years’ experience in R&D and New Product Development with a dedicated team that optimizes design by characterization of material properties, know how of wider variety of manufacturing process & use of CAE techniques. Our R&D division works closely with each customer in order to provide the most cost effective solution. We share our business expertise with both internal companies and external customers. Our process engineering expertise helps us to optimize our manufacturing cycle by selecting and sustaining the most optimal fabrication process and tooling. We support manufacturers who want to develop specific component and supports them during the design and implementation phase of their project and onto serial production.

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