Testing and Inspection

To maintain its high quality standards, Kalyani Forge has state-of-art laboratories that offer metallurgical and metrological testing capabilities for raw material, in-process, and finished components. We have a team of certified team members who have the latest know-how of the latest technologies and the best practices to provide our customers with quality products and after-sales service.

Testing and Inspection, Forged Components/Products

The following tests are performed in our facility:

  • Hardness test (Brinell, Rockwell, Vicker)
  • Mechanical properties testing (Tensile, Impact)
  • Physical testing (acid pickling, internal soundness, inclusion, micro-testing, grain size)
  • Chemical composition
  • Grain flow
  • Carburisation
  • Surface bend
  • Inclusion

There are two types of testing that we do, namely: