Kalyani Forge's major customers are in the automotive industry. As a reliable partner to automotive OEMs and full system suppliers, Kalyani offers expertise for products in engines, chassis, transmission, driveline, steering and suspension units in two wheelers, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The automotive industry is in a period of transition and Kalyani Forge, with its technological breakthroughs in the field of warm and cold forging, has been constantly able to support their automotive customers in light weighting and helping them meet stringent environmental norms and improving fuel economy.

As an engineering company with extensive automotive experience, Kalyani Forge delivers solutions - quickly, economically and efficiently - right from drawing through to full-scale production. We are engaged in R&D and new product development programmes for our customers in an environment of fast-changing technologies and vehicle platforms. Our key account management teams work very closely with all the customers to develop a clear understanding of their requirements and deliver optimum solutions accurately engineered to all specifications.

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Construction, Mining, Infrastructure

Mining operations are important to the improvement and preservation of our daily living to provide resources used to create electricity, roads, etc., for communities. Much like mining operations, construction operations play a pivotal role in the improvement of society. The construction industry safely and effectively makes our lives more comfortable and efficient.

The operating environments in the mining and construction industries can be extremely severe. Keeping this in mind, our engineers take painstaking efforts to design and develop products with high reliability and high performance, and fulfilling our customer’s requirements for high productivity at low operating costs.

Along with sustainability, productivity and reliability are necessary for success in the mining and construction fields. If any equipment breaks down, there can be serious implications for production. Using the latest manufacturing technologies and experience in the field of forging and machining, we manufacture and deliver products which can bear heavy loads combined with shock loads, thus minimising the maintenance requirements.

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Kalyani Forge is a worldwide provider of forged and machined components for electrical generators and power generation systems used for standby power, distributed power generation and auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base.

KFL is committed to bringing joy to the lives of customers through innovative, reliable and technologically advanced products. Every product manufactured is the result of persistence in quality, giving it the cutting edge for that extra reliability.

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Deriving from our vast experience and knowledge of the marine business, Kalyani Forge creates a complete cache of dedicated application support and type-approved products. Kalyani Forge Limited has been continuously exceeding customer expectations regarding performance, reliability and operating economy.

Use of latest manufacturing technologies and experience of more than three decades allows us to create the most reliable solutions for all types of medium-speed and high-speed commercial marine engines.

Our ready-to-assemble components for Marine engines up to twelve cylinders provide you with completely new opportunities to enhance efficiency, operating economy and environmental performance without sacrificing power.

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From mainline to metro or light rail to locomotives, our strategy is to provide the most effective and cost-efficient rail solutions today and in the future.

Kalyani Forge’s core competence, as a product and sub-assembly partner for rail vehicle industry, is the design, development and production of safety critical parts for transmission and braking systems for all types of rail vehicles. At Kalyani, environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our design philosophy.

Passengers today expect a lot from modern public transport vehicles. They demand a high degree of freedom of movement, comfort and safety. At Kalyani Forge, we mix proven and standardised processes with the most advanced technologies and materials to deliver extremely compact, lightweighted and precisely-machined components and sub-systems, which combine safety and flexibility with high performance.

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In the agricultural sector, we fulfil the automotive power needs of our customers who are essentially farmers. We aim to empower the rural farmer and transform rural productivity, income and living standards. Our products are making farms more prosperous. With major focus on quality of manufacturing and modern design, the principal idea of the company is to offer competitive business solutions, which helps farmers to lower their operating cost.

All our products comply with the current emission norms and are ready for the forthcoming ones. Our journey of engineering excellence continues and we aim to be amongst the leading component manufacturers for the global agricultural and industrial engine market.

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